Thanks that you want to help! Please read the sections below.

Contributing (General)

If you want to send a bug report just open a new issue!

Otherwise just fork the project an send a pull request to discuss and merge the changes. If you want to discuss the changes beforehand you can open a new issue. Even better when there is already an open issue marked as up-for-grabs. Please send the pull request against the master branch and mention an already existing issue (if present).

This project is searching for new maintainers, so if you want to help write on gitter or start sending PRs :)

Contributing Documentation

As the documentation is generated from the repository you can help improving the documentation by editing the files in the /doc folder. You can even edit a page directly on github by clicking the edit button (for example this page). See also https://help.github.com/articles/editing-files-in-your-repository/ (don't forget to send a pull request back after forking and changing something).

Branching model

The branching model in http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/ is used (which you do not need to read to send a pull request). However the naming differs: develop is called master and master is called releases in RazorEngine.


This project is subject to the terms and conditions defined in file 'LICENSE.md', which is part of this source code package.

You can find licenses of the programs this project depends on in either the "lib/$Project" folder or on their nuget page.


  1. Update ReleaseNotes.md

  2. Update buildConfig.fsx (versions) Roslyn Package versions only need to increased when we changed public API or when we made changes there.

  3. Run yaaf_merge_master=true PUSH_ROSLYN=true nugetkey=<accesskey> ./build.sh Release

    • yaaf_merge_master -> can be used on build servers to force-switch on develop branch for the version bump commit.

    • PUSH_ROSLYN -> push the roslyn packages (if you increased their versions above)

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