Roslyn compiler support

Starting with 3.5.0 RazorEngine supports the Roslyn compilers (via the Microsoft.CodeAnalysis nuget package). The first thing you want to do is install the additional package:

Install-Package RazorEngine.Roslyn

If you use the 4.x series (RazorEngine) you need the 4.x series of RazorEngine.Roslyn.

To activate roslyn all you need to do is set the CompilerServiceFactory property in the configuration:

config.CompilerServiceFactory = new RazorEngine.Roslyn.RoslynCompilerServiceFactory();

Known Limitation/Bugs

  • Debugging symbols do not work currently (If you know how Roslyn works please send a pull request!).
  • Debug symbols cannot be created on mono/unix:

       error: (0, 0) Unexpected error writing debug information -- 'The requested feature is not implemented.'
  • No support for the net40 build as the roslyn nuget package doesn't support net40!
  • Only C# support (VB.net support is kind of gone as Razor4 doesn't support VB.net).
  • If you find more please open a issue!
  • Running Roslyn on mono could lead to sigsegv crashes (mono bug): https://travis-ci.org/Antaris/RazorEngine/builds/45375847!

val not : value:bool -> bool

Full name: Microsoft.FSharp.Core.Operators.not
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